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Burnhamville Township


Burnhamville Twp Address Map

Michael Berscheit
16544 341st St
Burtrum, MN 56318

Shirley Hulinsky
33624 170th St
Burtrum, MN 56318

Burnhamville Township annual meeting and election will be Tuesdsay March 12.  Voting from  5-8 pm.  Officers to be elected include one supervisor and the treasurer.  Annual meeting will follow at 8:20 to set budget, discuss roads and any other business. 


Recycling for Burnhamville Township residents available every other Saturday in Burtrum.

Tom's Refuse will provide a recycling truck 9-11 am in Burtrum every other Saturday: March 23,  April 6 and 20, May 4 and 18. June 1, 15 and 22.

They will accept glass, newspaper, office paper, tin, aluminum, card board flattened,  and plastics 1-4.  Other things maybe accecpted with a fee.


* Township Board Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at the Burtrum Community Center, Burtrum MN at 7:00PM

* March Elections are held the 2nd Tuesday in March 5:00PM - 8:00PM at the Burtrum Community Center

* Annual Township Meeting is held the 2nd Tuesday in March, 8:20PM at the Burtrum Community Center

* November Elections are held the 1st Tuesday in November 7:00AM - 8:00PM at the Burtrum Community Center

2019 Burnhamville Township Board meetings will be:  Jan. 29; Feb. 26; Mar 26 with March 12 being the annual meeting; April 30; May 28;

June 25; July 20; Aug. 27; Sept. 24;  Oct 29;  Nov. 26; Dec. 30. 

Burnhamville Township is a very diverse township located in the southern portion of Todd County. It encompasses land from State 287 on the west to the Morrison Line Rd on the east; from 150th St on the south to 210th St on the north. As you travel through the township you may see rolling hills, small farms with fields of corn and soybeans, homes nestled in deciduous tree stands, wetlands or one of the many lakes in the township surrounded by lake homes.
According to the 2000 Census, 751 persons live in the township, fourth most populated in the county. The estimated market value of property in Burnhamville was $54,082,000 as of 2002.

Although Burnhamville has numerous small and medium sized dairy, beef or hog farms, it also contains several large turkey producing farms. In fact, Burnhamville leads the other townships in the total number of animal units.

Burnhamville township residents enjoy water activities on the many lakes in the township. Although many of the lakes are small they are usually quite deep and provide excellent fishing. Over the years many people have retired and changed their cabins into full time homes.

BURNHAMVILLE TOWNSHIP: 1870, named after David Burnham who fought in the Civil War and moved from his native Maine to settle in Todd County.



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