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Burleene Township


Town Hall Burleen TownshipLocation: 15480 County 14
Burleene Twp Address Map

Clerk- Jean Nelson
Clerk Phone Number:
Clerk Mailing Address:
31866 145th Avenue
Eagle Bend, MN 56446

Treasurer - Rosealle Snow
Chairman/Supervisor - Jeff Becker
Supervisor - Ralph Warzecha
Supervisor - Mike Hansen

Meeting dates:
1st Monday of each month 7:30 - 8:30 PM
Meeting Location at the Town Hall property
Township Election held in March
Location - Town Hall
Date - 2nd Tuesday in March 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Township Annual Meeting:
2nd Tuesday in March 8:15 PM

Points of interest in Burleene Township:
Double Eagle Golf Course
Wildlife Mangement Area - 960 Acres
Home of Rose City BBQ Sauce Company

HOW DID THE TOWNSHIP OF BURLEENE GET ITS NAME?: 1888, a misspelling of Germany’s Berlin, the homeland of Joseph and John Steidl, immigrants who suggested using the name. The town clerk spelled it as the Steidls pronounced it.

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