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Public Presentation on Todd County Groundwater Mapping Project


On Thursday, January 20, 2011, Todd County and Department of Natural Resource (DNR) staff welcome members of the public for an overview and discussion of the Part B Todd County Geologic Atlas recently published by DNR. Information published in the atlas includes maps of the water table and eight buried sand aquifers; six cross sections illustrating groundwater conditions; and interpretation of pollution. The public meeting will take place at the Long Prairie City Hall meeting room from 7:00-8:00 p.m.

This information and these interpretations are intended to assist with planning and management of the county's land and water resources. While this presentation is meant as an overview, DNR staff will be available to answer questions.

For those who are interested, a full-day training workshop is tentatively planned for spring 2011. Public staff, water professionals, teachers, and students of the earth sciences are encouraged to attend.

Copies of the Todd County Geologic Atlas Part B will be available at the
presentation. Data for the previously published Part A and recently published Part B are accessed at

For more information contact the Minnesota DNR Ecological and Water
Resources Division at 651-259-5665.

About this program

The County Geologic Atlas - Regional Assessment Program is a joint effort between the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS). The program is a systematic study of a county's geologic and groundwater resources. The data that are collected through this program are used to publish maps in two parts:
Part A provides geologic information, such as near-surface deposits and
bedrock, and is published by the MGS; Part B is published by the DNR and
describes aquifers, groundwater flow, aquifer use, groundwater chemistry, and sensitivity to pollution. Together, the Part A and Part B present our best understanding of the geologic materials and the groundwater resources that they contain.

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