Todd County Recorder and Registrar of Titles

The Door To Your Historic And Current Real Estate & Vital Statistic Records

The Recorder is the custodian of the unregistered (Abstract) real estate records. Unregistered/Abstract property might have an abstract which contains the history of the land. The Registrar of Titles is the custodian of the Registered/Torrens real estate records. Registered/Torrens property would have a Certificate of Title which is the title to the real estate (similar to a car title). The Minnesota Department of Health authorized the Recorder to be the county’s Local Issuance Office for birth and death records. Birth & Death records go back to early 1870’s up to present. The Recorder is also appointed the county’s Marriage Local Registrar as custodian of the marriage records for the county. Marriage records go back to 1867 up to present. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety authorized the Recorder to be the Driver’s License Agent for Todd County to assist customers with the MN driver’s license and MN ID needs. The Recorder/Registrar’s office is committed to recording, protecting and preserving documents they are custodians of.Because this office issues birth certificates and driver’s license/identification cards, we are restricted from being a US Passport Acceptance Agent.  Find a Passport Acceptance Facility in your area >

Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm except for legal holidays. Please contact the office, at 320-732-4428, regarding holiday hours and the deadline for recording of documents.

Recorder/Registrar of Titles duties are defined as:

  • Record documents relating to real property transactions in Abstract & Torrens Divisions
  • Create & maintain county’s tax system (taxpayer name, address & tax legal description)
  • Calculate, Collect & Receipt State Deed Tax, Mortgage Registration Tax
  • Collect & receipt Recording Fee and Well Disclosure Certificate Fee.
  • Collect & distribute Well Disclosure Certificates & Certificate of Real Estate Values.
  • Maintain indexes and issue copies of all recorded documents.
  • Maintain and issue copies of birth, death and marriage certificates.
  • Process Marriage License Applications & issue marriages license
  • Process MN driver’s license and MN ID applications.
  • File and maintain Ordinations
  • File Notary Commissions
  • Guide customers on how to research records

Additional Information

Contact Us

Linda Daoust
County Recorder
215 1st Ave S, Suite 203
Long Prairie, MN 56347

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Resource Links

Land Recorders Divisions:

  • Abstract Division
  • Torrens Division

Please note: it is the responsibility of the submitting party to identify which division they want their documents recorded in.

Examiner’s Directives:

An Examiner’s Directive must accompany the following documents:

  • Trust Documents
  • Probate Documents
  • Guardian & Conservator’s Documents
  • Condemnation
  • Mortgage foreclosure by Action
  • Vacations
  • Divorces (if the judgment is being used to transfer the land)

Here are a few circumstances in which it is the responsibility of the person/firm presenting documents to obtain a directive:

  • After cancellation of Contract for Deed
  • After mortgage foreclosure by advertisement
  • Tax title less than 10 years
  • To reform the Certificate of Title (to remove or add anything not specified under the   directive statute)
  • To determine adverse claims
  • Any other change to the Certificate of title when the Examiner doesn’t feel comfortable in directing without a court hearing.
  • Determination of boundaries
  • Termination of Easement
  • Construction of Easement
  • Transfer of Title by Operation of law (usually dissolution- as noted earlier)
  • Transfer of Title free and clear of lien per Bankruptcy order

Todd County Torrens Examiner:

Thomas Sellnow
Todd County Torrens Examiner
229 Central Avenue
Long Prairie MN 56347
Phone Number: 320-732-1919


After you have been discharged, you will need to file your DD-214 with your county of residence.  Please bring your complete DD-214, or mail it, to the Todd County Recorder, 221 First Avenue South, Suite 300, Long Prairie, MN 56347.  We will file it and return the original back to you. We would also like to suggest that you stop in and meet the Todd County Veterans Service Office and staff.  There is a lot that they can do for you. When you need to prove your veterans’ status, a certified copy of your DD-214 might be required. You can obtain those from the recorder’s office.  There is not a fee, but you will be required to complete an application. Accesses to these records are restricted. You can contact our office at 320-732-4428.


Car tabs and license plates are handled through the Deputy Registrar (320-732-6353 or Nine Central Avenue, Long Prairie).  The Recorder’s Office is not involved with that division of the Public Safety.

MN Driver License

The Todd County Recorder’s Office is the local connection to the Dept. of Public Safety in reference to driver’s license and/or MN ID’s. Our office is open from 8:00-4:30 weekdays (except for legal holiday). Starting May 1, 2015, this testing schedule will change to ONLY the 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of the month for testing at the Long Prairie Library. No appointment is necessary for the written test, that is given at 10:00 ONLY (first come, first serve basis). To make an appointment for the behind the wheel testing you need to either appear in person at the Library in Long Prairie on Fridays OR on Monday & Tuesday you can call the Alexandria office at 320-762-7808 and ask for a Long Prairie appointment. Another option is to go online and make an appointment. Go to: then click on vehicle services, then click on schedule road test. Have your driver’s license number handy.If you want to become a Notary Public, you must contact the Secretary of State. Online applications are accepted at:

Once you have made your application and receive your Notary Public Commission card from the Secretary of State, you will need to file this with the county of your resident. You need to present your Notary Public Commission card, along with a filing of $20.00 and two specimens of your signature. One signature would be the signature of how you name appears on your commission, the second is the signature of how you will be signing the acknowledgments. If those are the same – sign it twice using the same signature. In Todd County this can be done in person or through the mail.  It only takes a few moments and we will return your commission card back to you with the filing information shown on the reverse side.

Birth, Death & Marriage Certificate Application

If you are interested in obtaining a certified birth, death or marriage certificate you must complete an application (located on Recorder’s main page – right hand side under Applications & Forms) and be able to show tangible interest in the certificate you are requesting (for birth & death). There are a couple of ways you can obtain the certificates other than in person.  Applications for a Marriage Certificate need not be signed or notarized.

Non-rush orders: (through the mail):

Complete the entire application form, sign it in front of notary public (if required), send the application and appropriate money to our office:

Todd County Recorder
215 1st Avenue South Suite 203
Long Prairie MN 56347

We try to send the out the certificates the same day we receive the application.

Faxed or Rush Orders (credit card orders – additional fee of $7.00):

Complete the entire application form, sign in front of a notary public, on the lower portion of the application you need to complete your credit card information, fax the application to our office: 320-732-4001.

We process your application as soon as we get the faxed application and send out the certificate(s) in that days mail to the address shown.  If there are problems or questions – we contact you if you’ve given us your phone number. For even faster return service we can return through “Federal Express” for an additional $17.50 fee.  If you should choose this faster service – you can write “Federal Express Order” on the application, which authorizes us to add the additional fee to your credit card.


Birth Certificates: $26.00 1st certificate, $19.00 each-additional certs. (same certificate/same request)

Death Certificates: $13.00 1st certificate, $6.00 each-additional certs. (same certificate/same request)

Marriage Certificates: $9.00 each certificate

Other Information:  If you (with a tangible interest) want someone (without a tangible interest) to obtain the birth or death certificate(s) for you, you must provide that individual with a letter authorizing him/her to get the certificate(s).  Your signature must be notarized. The individual then must complete an application, present your letter of authorization and pay the fee.

If you are a firm/individual that is unable to find someone with a tangible interest to complete the application; you can complete the form, check box #6, include some kind of documentation as to why the certificate(s) is/are needed and include the appropriate money.  These orders must be approved by the MN Dept. of Health before we can process that application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Todd County Recorder’s Office at 320-732-4428 and we will be happy to assist if possible.  is the website address for a statewide marriage search. That site will tell you what county to contact for a specific marriage certificate and assist you in ordering one.

Marriage License Application Information


Couples can complete an on-line marriage application at the Recorder’s Office, during normal business hours or by using your home computer or mobile device by completing the steps at the following site:

Completing the on-line application is the first step in applying for a marriage license. Both applicants must appear at the recorder’s office to finish applying for the marriage license and paying the appropriate fee(s). If you apply outside the office, all you need to do is provide your names and inform office staff that you applied on line, they can then access the portal and retrieve the application for further processing.

  • Full License Fee = $115.00 – there are no REFUNDS.
  • Reduced marriage license fee = $40.00. Subject to ALL of the following requirements:
  • The applicants have received at least 12 hours of pre-marital counseling or education,
  • Provide an “Educator’s Statement” according to MS 517.08 Subd (1b) at the time the application is made, (educational requirements and Format of form outlined in statute or is available from the Recorder’s Office) and
  • There is a five-day waiting period. Once issued the license is good for six months.
  • A name change through the marriage process is a LEGAL CHANGE of name therefore make sure you identify the name you want after marriage.
  • If applicant(s) were previously married you will need to supply the following information:
    • How previous marriage ended.
    • Provide complete date (mm/dd/yyyy) of divorce or death or annulment.
    • County and state of divorce or death.
    • Type of court for divorce (i.e. District or Circuit)
    • Previous married names are required for both of the parties if both have been divorced.
  • Upon receipt of your license, please be sure to read them carefully to check for any spelling error of names, addresses, etc. There is a $20.00 re-issuance fee for this service. Changes requested after marriage might require a court order to change.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and not under guardianship or conservatorship. If applicants are between the ages of 16-18, custodial parent(s) must seek Judge’s approval for a minor to marry. There is a $20.00 fee for this service

Certified Certificate of Marriage: If you purchased your marriage license from Todd County and are looking to obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate – please send us a letter requesting.  We will need the names of the couple’s pre-marriage names and date of marriage. There is a $9.00 fee required per certificate ordered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Todd County Recorder’s Office at 320-732-4428 and we will be happy to assist if possible. OR you can search which is a website for a statewide marriage index. That site will tell you what county to contact for a specific marriage certificate and assist you in ordering one.

Send your request to:

Todd County Recorder
215 First Avenue South
Suite 203
Long Prairie, MN 56347
Phone: 320-732-4428
Fax: 320-732-4001

If you are unsure whether the license was purchased in Todd County, feel free to contact us and we can check.Please click on a link below to view the specific year end report. Additional Reports available upon request from the Recorder’s Office.

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