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1) How do I obtain a copy of a report?

Requests can be made through our records department at 320-732-7748 or by mailing a request to Todd County Sheriff’s Office at 115 3rd St. S, Long Prairie, MN 56347. 

If you have been involved in an accident and your insurance company needs a copy, you may forward a copy to them, or they may obtain the report directly with an authorization signed by you.

 Not all reports are public.  We follow the Minnesota Data Practices Act as well as Minnesota Statutes concerning the release of records. 

2) How do I obtain a copy of my driving record? 

Due to changes in legislation, we are no longer able to run driver license records for the public.  Driver license records must be requested from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division at and click on Request Records.  A "Record Request" form must be filled out and sent to DVS.  

If you are requesting someone else's record, you must also attach a "Grant Access to Record Authorization Form" signed by the person whose records you are requesting.  Questions about this procedure can be directed to Driver and Vehicle Services Records Unit at 651-296-2940.

 3) How do I check on the status of a case? 

Generally speaking, it is best to contact the officer or investigator involved with your case.  Contact our dispatch center at 320-732-2157.  If the officer is not in, all have voice-mail where a message can be left for them. 

4) How do I obtain a criminal history report? 

We are unable to run criminal histories for the public for any reason.  Criminal History records requests must be directed to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.  Information on how to obtain a copy of your own criminal history can be found at
If you are trying to obtain a criminal history on someone else, there is information on the above BCA site for that procedure also.  Generally, convictions are public information.  You may contact the Clerk of Court at the county where you believe the conviction took place, or you may go to to search for public information.  The number for Todd County Court is 320-732-7800.  You may also conduct a public criminal history search through the BCA at the website

5) Are predatory offender names and addresses public information? 

Level one and two offenders are not public information, however; level three offenders (the most serious) require a public hearing prior to moving into a community so you would have prior notification if a level three offender were to move to your location.  The Todd County Sheriff’s Office regularly checks on predatory offenders to verify their address, employment, and vehicle information.  The state also maintains a public web-site for ‘non-compliant’ offenders.  If you suspect that someone is a predatory offender and is non-compliant, you may check the web-site at:

6) I am applying for a passport or other legal document, and need a statement from my local sheriff concerning my local criminal history.  What do I do? 

The Todd County Sheriff’s Office will type out a statement with our letterhead indicating you have no local criminal history.  Contact our Records Supervisor at 320-732-7748. 

7) How do I obtain information on civil process concerns?

Contact our civil process division at 320-732-7718 or by e-mail at

8) How do I get fingerprinted?

Fingerprints done by appointment only. Contact the jail at (320) 732-7743 to make an appointment.

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