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Civil Process


The Civil Process Division is charged with the responsibility to receive and execute “all processes, writs, precepts and  orders issued or made by lawful authority and delivered to the sheriff” (MS 387.03).  Every effort is made to make service of all process in a thorough, courteous and expeditious manner. 

Several civil process forms as well as a fee schedule are available for download on the Todd County Sheriff’s Office web site.  Generally, the Sheriff’s Office requires a deposit of $50.00 for each person to be served a process and you will be billed for the mileage amount.

Civil Process Fees

Execution Instruction Sheet

10 Day Exemption Notice

10 Day Notice Affidavit

Service Information Sheet

Writ of Execution

Unlawful Detainer

Restraining Orders for Harassment


Domestic Abuse Orders for Protection

Subpoena Service

Contact information:

Deputy Dave Laven
Todd County Sheriff’s Office
Civil Process Division
115 Third Street South
Long Prairie, MN 56347

(320) 732-7718 (Direct)
(320) 732-2157 (Dispatch)

(320) 732-3754 


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