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Todd County Enhanced 911 Addressing System
The goal of the addressing committee was first and foremost to provide a system that was capable of delivering life-saving emergency services. Law enforcement, ambulance, fire, rescue, townships, telephone companies, and the postal service were included in the development of the system.

Roads System

Federal, State, and County roads retained their current name or number using the following formats:
(these names and numbers are examples US 71, STATE 210, COUNTY 11 )
Other roads running south-north or west-east have been numbered, with the south-north roads being avenues using odd numbers, and the west-east roads designated as streets using even numbers.

The most westerly south-north road possible in Todd County would be 101st AVE with the numbers increasing as you travel east. The most southerly west-east road possible would be 100th ST with the numbers increasing as you travel north. The road numbers increase by 10 per mile as you travel north or east from the county line. The roads that are actually on the county line, that are not State or County roads, are named respective to the bordering county (for example STEARNS LINE RD, or DOUGLAS LINE RD). The road on the northern border of the county is TODD LINE RD.

Meandering roads have been named. These roads start with the letter A in the south part of the County, then B as you travel north, and so on to the letter U in the north of the County. Named roads have a suffix of RD (road), DR (drive), LN (lane), CIR (circle), TRL (trail), LOOP, or PASS.

House Numbers

To complete the addressing system, house numbers are designated. These numbers along with the street name become the address. There are 1000 numbers per mile of road, with odd numbers on the west and south side of the road, and even numbers on the east and north sides of the road. The numbers start at 10000 on the southern border and increase by 1000 for every mile going north. The numbers start at 10100 on the western border and increase 1000 per mile going east.

Each 911 address is made up of the assigned house number and street name. This creates unique addresses throughout the County. Based on the system described above emergency personnel know where to find each address in the County.
Maps by Township
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