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Todd County is one of ten District Courts located in the 7th Judicial District. It is served by one district court judge, Judge Daniel A. Benson, who is chambered in Long Prairie. It is also served by visiting District Court Judge Douglas P. Anderson who is scheduled in Todd County at regular intervals to meet the judge need for Todd County.

Court Administration maintains case records for criminal, traffic, civil, family, probate, juvenile, and conciliation court; manages the court calendars for each judge; oversees the jury program; insures accurate accounting and distribution of fines, fees, bail, restitution, and trust funds; and assists members of the public as they seek to meet their legal needs through District Court.

Court Administration is located on the 2nd floor of the Todd County Government Center.

Tickets issued by the State Patrol, the Department of Natural Resources, or local law enforcement anywhere in Minnesota can now be paid via an automated phone system or online using a credit card.  The service is only available for citations that do not require a court appearance.

Pay Fines Online or Pay By Phone 800-657-3611(outstate) or 651-281-3219 (metro).

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