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Todd County Townships


Long Prairie Township HallA Township is the most basic form of Government:
Members consist of a Treasurer, Clerk, and three Supervisors.
The Treasurer maintains the Income and Expense records.
The Clerk records the meeting minutes and hearings, and legal records with the county. The Clerk is the Head Judge at elections.
One Supervisor is voted to the position of Township Board Chairman. The Chairman has the responsibility to maintain an orderly meeting.

Township Board members are elected officials. The election is held the 2nd Tuesday in March. On the years ending with an even number the Clerks position is elected. On the years ending with an odd number the Treasurer is elected, these are two year terms. Supervisors are elected one each year for three year terms.

The Township Board Supervisors represent the residents and property owners in their township. They make decisions based on the wishes of the residents and in the best interest of the Township according to rules defined in State Statute.

The Annual Township meeting is usually shortly before or after the Township Election. At this meeting there is discussion regarding Township budgets, roads and bridges, any projects the voters identify to discuss, and the annual levy. (Levy dollars are the money distributed back to the Townships from the County collected from Real Estate taxes.) At the annual township meeting voters have the opportunity to make recommendations to the Board members. Decisions made at this meeting will set the guidelines for spending that year.

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