1. This notice is given to all residents of mail ballot precincts in the State of Minnesota.
  2. On August 13, 2024, the State of Minnesota is holding a State Primary Election.
  3. Eligible voters not pre-registered by July 23, 2024, or pre-registered voters wishing to receive their ballot at a temporary address may contact the Todd County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office by phone, mail or in person for an absentee ballot application.
  4. A voter who is not registered to vote in the district on the 21st day before the election may submit, by mail or in person, an application for absentee ballot to the County Auditor of Todd County and receive voter registration forms and an absentee ballot for the election.
  5. The County Auditor of Todd County no earlier than forty-six (46) days and no later than fourteen (14) days before the date of the election will mail the ballots.  The ballot will be addressed to the voter at the voter’s residence as shown on the registration file unless the voter requests, in writing, an absentee ballot that will be mailed to the voter at a different address.
  6. The voted official ballot may be returned by mail (a postage prepaid return envelope is included when the ballots are mailed), or may be delivered in person, or delivered by designated agent to: Todd County Auditor-Treasurer 215 1st Avenue S, Suite 201, Long Prairie, MN 56347.  The voter and the voter’s witness must complete the mail voter’s certificate on the return envelope.  The voter may bring his/her blank ballot and envelopes to the Auditor’s Office to have a staff member serve as a witness if they do not have a witness.
  7. In addition to the normal business hours, extended hours for absentee and mail ballot voting are: Saturday, August 10, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; Monday August 12, 2022, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m.
  8. The polling place for this election will be at the Todd County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office 215 1st Ave S, Suite 201, Long Prairie, MN 56347.  The polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  At least one assistive voting device will be available at the polling place; allowing for persons with disabilities to vote privately and independently.
  9. All mail ballots will be counted at the Todd County Main Street Government Center at 347 Central Avenue, Long Prairie, MN 56347 after 8:00 p.m. on August 13, 2024.

Additional information is available by contacting the Todd County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office by phone 320-732-4414, by e-mail, or in person.

Dated this 24th day of May, 2024.

/s/ on file Denise Gaida, Todd County Auditor-Treasurer


Notice is hereby given that a General Election will be held in Todd County on Tuesday, November 5, 2024 for the purpose of electing candidates for the Federal, State, Judicial, and County offices listed below. The filing period for the offices of United States Senator, United States Representative, State Representative, Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Judge of the District Court and County Offices begins at 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 21, 2024, and ends at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

The filing period for presidential elector candidates begins at 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 21, 2024 and ends at 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 20, 2024, for non-major political party candidates and independent candidates.  The certification deadline for major political party presidential elector candidates is August 27, 2024.

Note: Filing offices will be closed Monday, May 27, 2024, in observance of Memorial Day.  For presidential elector candidates, filing offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 in observance of the Juneteenth Holiday and Thursday, July 4, 2024, in observance of Independence Day.

The place of filing for Federal Offices is the Office of the Secretary of State, Veterans Services Building, 20 West 12th Street, St. Paul, MN 55155.  The place of filing for State Offices is with the Office of the Secretary of State or with the County Auditor of the County in which the candidate resides.

Candidates for judicial office may file either with the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State or with the county auditor in the county where the candidate resides.  A candidate filing for one of the Minnesota Court of Appeals seats that has been designated for one of the congressional districts must be a resident of that congressional district.

The filing place for County Offices is with the County Auditor.

Candidates may file in person or by mail, if the filing is received during the filing period. Candidates who will be absent from the state during the filing period and meet the requirements of Minnesota Statutes section 204B.09, subdivision 1a, may arrange to file during the seven days immediately preceding the candidate’s absence from the state.  This notice is sent based on current law.  Be aware that the Legislature and/or the Governor could make changes that affect some of these processes. 

This notice is provided pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 204B.33.


Presidential Electors (Ten)

United States Senator

United States Representative for District 7


State Representative for District 05B


Supreme Court Chief Justice

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

  • Seat 5
  • Seat 6

Judges of the Court of Appeals

  • Seat 2
  • Seat 3 (2nd Congressional District)
  • Seat 4
  • Seat 6 (1st Congressional District)
  • Seat 8
  • Seat 12
  • Seat 14 (8th Congressional District)

Seventh Judicial District Judges

  • Seat 1
  • Seat 5
  • Seat 6
  • Seat 7
  • Seat 10
  • Seat 16
  • Seat 17
  • Seat 20
  • Seat 23
  • Seat 29


County Commissioner for District 1

County Commissioner for District 3

County Commissioner for District 5

Todd Soil & Water Conservation District    II Supervisor

Todd Soil & Water Conservation District   IV Supervisor

Witness my hand and official seal this 26th day of April, 2024.

Denise Gaida, Todd County Auditor/Treasurer

Public Notice: Sauk River Watershed Manager

The Todd County Board of Commissioners is seeking applicants for appointment to the Sauk River Watershed District Board of Managers. If you reside in Todd County, are in the Sauk River Watershed District and are interested in the Appointment to the SWRD Board of Managers please submit your application form with an optional letter of interest.   Application Form.

Please deliver the application with your Letter of Interest to:  Todd County Auditor-Treasurer  215 1st Ave South – Suite 201, Long Prairie, MN 56347.  Please list “SR Manager” on the envelope. You may also contact Todd County Auditor Treasurer Denise Gaida @ 320-732-4472 or contact your County Commissioner no later than April 30th, 2024.


Upon petition by the Osakis Lake Association for a proposed Osakis Lake Improvement District, the Todd County Board of Commissioners has set a public hearing scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, in the Osakis Public School Auditorium, 500 First Avenue East, Osakis, Minnesota.

Joint Meeting Agenda Packet

The boundaries of the proposed Osakis Lake Improvement District shall include parcels with lake frontage, or lake frontage access, on Osakis Lake in Douglas and Todd Counties.  The purposes, programs, and funding for the district are outlined in the Petition for Proposed Osakis Lake Improvement District, a copy of which is available for public review at the Office of the Todd County Auditor-Treasurer, Historic Courthouse, 215 1st Avenue S, Long Prairie, Minnesota and is also available on the county website at the following link:  Osakis LID Petition Information

The establishment of the proposed Osakis Lake Improvement District requires review by the Commissioner of Natural Resources, by the town board of a town wholly or partially within the boundaries and the approval of the Douglas and Todd County Boards. Concerned citizens may submit evidence at the public hearing or send written comments to the County Auditor-Treasurer Department prior to the public hearing.  Mail to: Todd County Auditor-Treasurer RE: OLID, 215 1st Avenue S, Suite 201, Long Prairie, MN 56347 or email

This hearing is being held prior to the passage of any order establishing the proposed lake improvement district. Concerned citizens may also submit evidence and opinions to the Commissioner of Natural Resources.

Questions can be directed to Denise Gaida, Todd County Auditor-Treasurer by email or by phone at 320-732-4469.

Denise Gaida, Todd County Auditor-Treasurer

Clerk to the Board


A Presidential Nomination Primary Election will be held in all the Election Precincts of Todd County on March 5, 2024 at which the polls will be open from the hours of Seven o’clock AM (unless the Municipality has published notice stating otherwise) to the hour of Eight (8) o’clock PM for the purpose of nominating candidates for the following office to-wit:

United States President (4 year term)

Be it further noticed that the following precincts will open the poll location at Ten (10) o’clock AM: Iona Township, Little Elk Township, & Turtle Creek Township

Polling Place Finder

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2024 Presidential Nomination Primary Election Results

  • Search Statewide for Election Results including federal offices with elections happening on March 5th, 2024.
  • All results on the links above are Unofficial Results until canvassed.

M.S. 207A.12 (b) An individual seeking to vote at the presidential nomination primary must be registered to vote pursuant to section 201.054, subdivision 1.  The voter must request the ballot of the party for whose candidate the individual wishes to vote.  Notwithstanding section 204C.18, subdivision 1, the election judge must record in the polling place roster the name of the political party whose ballot the voter requested.  When posting voter history pursuant to section 201.071, the county auditor must include the name of the political party whose ballot the voter requested.  The political party ballot selected by a voter is private data on individuals as defined under section 13.02, subdivision 12, except as provided in section 201.091, subdivision 4a. A voter eligible to cast a ballot as provided in section 5B.06 must be permitted to cast a ballot at the presidential nomination primary consistent with the requirements of that section.


Minnesota’s major political parties (Legal Marijuana Now, Republican, and Democratic-Farmer-Labor) have provided the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (OSS) with precinct caucus locations for the February 27, 2024 precinct caucuses. The public may look up the caucus locations for a given address using the OSS Caucus Finder website.