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Extension - Livestock Advisory Board


The mission of the Todd County Livestock Advisory Council is to promote the long-term viability of the livestock industry through proactive planning, political advocacy, and education through partnerships with producers, businesses, governments and residents.

Advocacy means promoting a position and does not include endorsing or opposing candidates for political office.  The committee will promote or oppose appointees, but not candidates for political office.

The committee agrees to speak as one voice.  It is okay to disagree during discussion, but not okay to undermine the committee’s final decision.  The shared expectation is to have one strong voice, based on common ground.  The committee considers itself a special interest group.

The Todd County Livestock Advisory Council is advisory to the county, is funded by the county, private parties, members and foundations.  Its work in fulfilling its mission will evolve through partnerships with other groups.


Livestock Advisory Council Members


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