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County Fee Schedule

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General Fees: (Effective 1/1/2011)

General Copies$.25/page-side
Print Screen$.25/page
Fax$5.00 + fee for copy
Email Service$5.00
Computer Printouts (reports/labels)$5.00 setup fee + $.50/page

Research Fee


$50.00/hr (1hr minimum)


Licenses and Permits:

Auctioneer License$20.00
Beer 3.2 
- 1 year Off and On Sale$100.00
- 1 year On Sale$85.00
- 1 year Off Sale$15.00
- 1 day On Sale$15.00
- 6 month On and Off Sale$50.00
Transfer of License$25.00
- 1 year On Sale$2,000.00
- 1 year Off Sale$300.00
- 1 year Club On Sale$330.00
- 1 year Sunday On Sale$150.00
- 1 year Wine$150.00





Storage and Rental:

Use of Grounds- without restrooms$150 per day + $300 deposit

Use of Grounds - with restrooms
*Restrooms are the ones outside
  on the south side of Prairie Motors Building

$300/1st day, $75 each add'l +
$500 deposit

- Rental Expo Building$450/1st day, $125 each add'l + $1000 deposit
- Grandstand (Seating and Arena)$250/1st day, $100 each add'l +
$500 deposit
- Entertainment Pavilion$200/1st day, $50 each add'l +
$200 deposit
- Prairie Motors BuidlingMust contact Ag Society at
- Grandstand (interior)DO NOT RENT
- 4-H BuildingDO NOT RENT
- Historical Society BuildingDO NOT RENT
- American Lutheran Food StandDO NOT RENT
- Old Zion Food StandDO NOT RENT
Winter Storage at Fairgrounds (Oct-Mayl)$100.00 (per item)


Auditor/Treasurer Service Charges: 
Tax Search (Current/Deling)$4.00/parcel
Special Assessment Search$4.00/parcel
Ditch Lien Search$4.00/parcel
Duplicate Tax Statement$1.00
NSF Fee$30.00
Publication Costs$20.00
Auditor Cert Bond$100.00
Confession of Judgement$200.00 1st parcel,
$50 each add'l
Forfeited Land ListFree
Tax Forfeiture - Admin Fee$200.00
Repurchase Fee$250.00
Certified Copy of Voter Registration$5.00
Special Assessment Setup$1.00/parcel
TIF Setup$100.00
Mobile Home Clearance Sheet$5.00
Election/Admin Setup Fee (non-Co. Elec.)$250.00
Election Roster/Master List (non-Co. Elec)$.25 per page
Taxes - Minimum Return$5.00

Please note:

Tax information will no longer be given over the phone, other than to the landowner and Escrow Agent.  Individuals requesting the information will be given the options of coming in and using our public PC, having the information faxed, emailed or a copy mailed with appropriate charges applied.

Field card information will no longer be given over the phone, other than to the landowner.  Individuals requesting the information will be given the options of coming in to review document, having them emailed or faxed with appropriate charges applied.

Recorder Service Charges:

Minimum of Returned Overage in Fees$10.01
Uncertified Copy$1.00/page
Certified Copy$10.00
Copy of Plat (Certified or Non-Certified)$10.00
Copy of Certificate of Title/Condition of Register$50.00
Copy of UCC$1.00
Monthly Credit Report$120.00
State or Federal Tax Lien Search$20.00
Affidavit to Amend a Vitals Cert. (evidence required)$20.00
Certified Birth Certificate - 1st certified copy$26.00
Add'l Certified Birth Certificate (same cert/same request)$19.00
Non-Certified Copy of Birth Certificate$13.00
Certified Death Certificate - 1st certificate$13.00
Add'l Certified Death Certificate (same cert/same request)$6.00
Non-certified copy of Death Certificate$13.00
Marriage License - regular$115.00
Marriage License - reduced (educators Stmt required)$40.00
Marriage Certificate - 1st certified copy$9.00
Add'l Marriage Certificate (same name/same request)$9.00
Marriage: 5-day Waiver$20.00
Marriage: Consent for Minor to Marry$20.00
Marriage:  Amendment to Application or License$20.00
Ordination filing fee$20.00
Notary Commission filing fee$20.00
Verification of Vital Record$9.00
Credit Card charge (VitalChek for vitals stat orders only)$7.00
Certified copy of Coroner's Certificate$9.00
Certified copy of Notary Commission$9.00
LandShark Fees:  initial set up$50.00
- Level 1 (up to 200 images)$50.00/month
- Level 2 (unlimited images)$100.00/month


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