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Child Support


Todd County provides the state and federally mandated child support services and collects over $3 million each year for the families we serve.  

Our Services Include:

  1. Enforcement of your order – Collection and distributing payments.
  2. Locating absent parents.
  3. Establishment of paternity.
  4. Establishment of court orders for child support.
  5. Review and modification of orders

Services we cannot provide:

  1. Assistance in getting or changing visitation or custody.
  2. Collection of non-child support debts.
  3. Establishment or modification of spousal maintenance (alimony) orders.
  4. We cannot provide legal advice.
  5. Assistance in obtaining a Divorce.

If you need help with any of these issues you may want to contact a private attorney.

Information is Available :
You may call us our offices for general information at (320) 732-4511 or the State Office of Child Support at (800) 657-3954. You can download an application at “Child Support Publications page” and then click on “forms”.

Parents with a child support case in Minnesota can get up-to-date payment and account information 24 hours a day through the Payment Information Line at (800) 657-3512 or (651) 215-5630 (metro). They can also get information about payments, balances and what is happening on their case through a secure website,

Visit the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Minnesota Department of Human Services website at  We recommend reading the brochure “Understanding Child Support: A Handbook for Parents (DHS–3393)” found at “Child Support Publications page" and click on brochures.

The child support calculator is found at
The court system has an excellent public site with a section on Self-Help for child support, custody, and visitation matters is at click on "forms" in the upper left corner. 

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