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Money Management


The goal of the Money Management program is to assist individuals and families to effectively manage their own finances by providing assessments, teaching budget skills and, if needed, debt readjustment services.

It is not the purpose of the program to encourage dependency or long term budget maintenance. Responsibility and control of the budget must remain with the client to the greatest extent possible.

It is understood that certain individuals are incapable of effectively managing their finances and must work with a payee for an indefinite period of time.

Whenever possible, alternatives to long term Money Management participation should be sought, such as vendor payments, responsible payees in the community or other suitable arrangements.

Acceptance into the Money Management program is determined by the need of the client and capacity of the agency to serve those needs. At times, a waiting list may need to be implemented for this program.

Forms to fill out prior to the first meeting:

Financial Assessment
Financial Assessment Questionnaire

Additional Resources:
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The Village
Catholic Charities

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