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Community Engagement & Education


The Community Planning Unit engages with several community groups to address community priorities and needs for all age groups.  Initiatives currently focus on increasing physical activity and nutrition; reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and exposure; and, promoting community connections and positive mental wellbeing. 

Todd County Citizens Against Drugs (CAD)
CAD’s mission is to promote healthy decisions by increasing community awareness and involvement to prevent underage alcohol consumption, adult alcohol abuse, and drug misuse.  To learn more about CAD visit:

Todd Wadena Health Connections (TWHC)
Mission is to provide a forum for communication and collaboration to improve the health of people in our communities.  For more info:

Todd County Social Host Ordinance
A Social Host Ordinance holds individuals (social hosts) criminally responsible for hosting or allowing a party, on public or private property, where persons under the age of 21 possess or consume alcohol, regardless of who supplied the alcohol to minors.  For more information on the Todd County Social Host Ordinance contact the Sheriff’s Office. 

Social Host Ordinance

 Todd County Council on Aging

Volunteer Opportunities
MN Responds
Meals on Wheels Drivers
Volunteer Driver -  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver please contact Verna Toenyan at 320-533-4637.

For more information on ways to engage in community health issues please contact Katherine Mackedanz at or 320-732-4452.

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