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Understanding Todd County Outdoor Warning Sirens


Outdoor Sirens Intended Use

Sirens are intended for people to hear while they are outside. If you are indoors you should monitoring your weather radio.
Tests Activation
Sirens are activated at 1:00 PM on first Wednesday of the month for testing purposes.
If there is severe weather in the area on the first Wednesday of the month,  the test will not be conducted for that month.
Weather Warning Activation
Sirens will be activated for the communities that are believed to be in the path of a spotted tornado or menacing rotation.
If you are outdoors and hear the siren please take cover and monitor your weather radio. Todd County does NOT send an all clear siren.
Fire Activations
Community sirens are NOT activated for fires.
Communities with sirens
Big Sauk Lake
Eagle Bend
Sylvan Shores OA
Grey Eagle
Long Prairie


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