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  • Wed, 02/01/2012 - 4:22pm
    ST. PAUL - The first ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert system takes place at 1 pm, Wednesday, November 9.  Television and radio broadcasters, satelite radio and satelite television providers, as well as cable television and wire line video providers, will take part in this important test.
  • Mon, 11/14/2011 - 12:24pm
    The Todd County Board of Commissioners has requested public comment from any and all interest parties on a proposed Todd County Parks and Trails Ordinance.  Public Comment will be recieved until December 2, 2011. You may submit your comments in writing to:     Todd County Administration     347 Central Avenue, Suite 5     Long Prairie, MN  56347   OR via email to   Click the link to view: DRAF
  • Sat, 03/19/2016 - 7:21am
    Emergency Alert SystemThe Emergency Alert System (EAS) allows state and local governments, in partnership with the broadcast industry, to provide emergency alerts, information and instructions to the public.
  • Mon, 03/19/2012 - 11:54am
    Little things do matter.Minnesota winter is just around the corner and the question is – are you ready for it? Getting ready for winter doesn’t always take a lot of work. Sometimes it’s just a few little things that can make the difference between safety and suffering: having a survival kit in your car, changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, staying well-hydrated during outdoor fun.
  • Thu, 10/20/2011 - 9:32am
    Todd County is currently recruiting an at-large, County Extension Committee member.  Extension Committee typically meets four times a year, on Monday evenings.  Members are compensated with a $25.00 per diem and mileage payment. The main job of the Extension Committee is to identify educational programs needs, provide input on selection of Extension educators, develop an annual county Extension budget and promote Extension's mission (making a difference by connecting community needs and University resources to address critical issues in Minnesota). Participation with


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