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  • Mon, 05/01/2017 - 12:40pm
  • Thu, 06/01/2017 - 1:14pm
    Attention Landowners: Noxious Weed Spraying Legal Notice is hereby given that there will be Noxious Weed and Brush Spraying of County Road Right of Ways. The spraying will begin sometime after May 15, 2017. Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to Todd County Ditch and Agricultural Inspector Nancy Uhlenkamp, Located at Public Works, 44 Riverside Drive, Long Prairie, MN 56347, 320-533-4651,
  • Thu, 06/01/2017 - 1:13pm
    Public Notice: County Ditch 18 
  • Fri, 04/21/2017 - 7:18am
    North American summers are hot; most summers see heat waves in one or more parts of the United States. Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year and even more heat-related illnesses.
  • Thu, 04/20/2017 - 7:33am
    You have the power to protect your child from dangerous and deadly diseases. -Giving babies the recommended vaccines by age 2 is the best way to protect them from 14 serious diseases, like whooping cough and measles.                 -Protecting your baby can even start before birth by getting whooping cough (pertussis)and flu vaccines during pregnancy.  -Vaccines are thoroughly  tested before they can be recommended and used, an


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