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Couples can complete an on-line marriage application at the Recorder’s Office, during normal business hours or by using your home computer or mobile device by completing the steps at the following site:

Completing the on-line application is the first step in applying for a marriage license. Both applicants must then appear at the recorder’s office to finish applying for the marriage license and paying the appropriate fee(s). If you apply outside the office, all you need to do is provide your names and inform office staff that you applied on line, they can then access the portal and retrieve the application for further processing. Regular fee license is $115.00 or a Reduced fee license is $40.00 (in order to qualify for the reduced fee couples must present to office staff, at the time of completing the application, an acceptable “Educators Statement”). There is a five-day waiting period and the license is good for six-months.  Further questions can be directed to the office 320-732-4428.


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