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Tuesday Severe Weather Awareness - Storms, Hail and Lightning

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Thunderstorms are known to be very destructive when they pass. Thunderstorms are known to produce lightening, large hail and straight-line winds that could exceed 100 miles per hour.

Thunderstorm Winds and Hail

Hail and straight-line winds that can be mistaken for tornados can easily overturn mobile homes and RV’s, tear roofs off houses and topple trees. Campers are vulnerable because of the trees that can for into campsites and onto tents. On June 19, 2007 near Goodridge, Minnesota the strongest thunderstorm gust was 85 mph in Minnesota.

Hail has caused nearly $1 billion in damage a year. Most hail is small and doesn’t cause much damage. But hail the size of a quarter and up can cause damage to Cars, houses and crops. Large hail stones fall faster than 100 mph and have been known to kill people.


Lightning kills on average 49 people a year in the United States and hundreds more are injured. Learning facts and what to do to protect yourself and loved ones is important.

Lightning often strikes more than three miles from the center of the thunderstorm, far outside the rain or thunderstorm cloud. “Bolts from the blue” can strike 10-15 miles from the thunderstorm.



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