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Outdoor Winter Safety

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This morning I open my email and have a message from NWS TwinCities talking about a Winter Storm for Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19. This will bring an abrupt change to the beautiful weather we have had. The storm is going to bring heavy snow and winds. Time to be careful with our outdoor activities including snow shoveling.  To learn more about the hazards of shoveling; click here

What should Farms and Pet Owners to prepare for a Winter Storm.

  • Move animals to sheltered areas or bring pets inside. Shelter belts, properly laid out and oriented, are better protection for cattle than confining shelters, such as sheds.
  • Haul extra feed to nearby feeding areas.
  • Have water available. Most animals die from dehydration in winter storms.
  • Make sure pets have plenty of food and water and a warm shelter.

For more information on Outdoor activities; click here

Be Safe

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