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Todd County Development Corporation

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Todd County Development Corporation is to sustain and promote diverse economic development that improves the quality of life in Todd County.

Vision Statement

By the year 2013, Todd County will enjoy dynamic business growth and community development, resulting in more quality jobs and strong regional progress.

Guiding Principles

To demonstrate honesty and integrity in all activities, to support and maintain open, regular communication internally and with all partners, to respect differences and be willing to agree to disagree, to speak with one positive voice, to enjoy full participation by Board members, to expect accountability and monitor results, to maintain appropriate confidentiality, to promote cooperation with other groups, to demonstrate trustworthiness in all interactions, to admit and learn from our mistakes, to manage resources strategically and to think regionally with a focus on what helps the entire area.


  • To facilitate assistance to local businesses in order to retain and expand jobs.
  • To explore and pursue new, sustainable business opportunities that connect existing resources and supply chains.
  • To develop a multi-channel marketing plan that promotes Todd County’s balanced life style, agronomy-based work force and progressive business policies.
  • To have an effective expression of ownership and collaboration across all communities, local governments and economic development groups in Todd County.
  • To promote and encourage infrastructure development, such as broadband and transportation, that supports retention and growth of job markets and other needs of Todd County.


Over the past two years, services provided by Todd County Development Corporation (TCDC) have grown considerably through goals that have taken seed and grown to reality. Our goal accomplishments could not have been possible without the partnerships we developed along the way. These partnerships, both public and private sector stakeholders, gave us the tools to be successful.

2012 Annual Report
Looking back on the 2011 activities and achievements of Todd County Development Corporation (TCDC) we are encouraged and energized about our direction venturing forward in 2012.
On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 the Todd County Board of Commissioners approved the resolution below.  This resolution is an affirmative statement that the Todd County Board of Commissioners believes that a county-wide effort to launch high speed reciprocal broadband services in Todd County is key to the success of the County in to the future. 

Link to Blank Letter of Support

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