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Todd SWCD Cost Share Process

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MPCA 319 Cost Share Funds 2009-2013

The TMDL report for the Long Prairie River was approved by the EPA in 2005, and the implementation portion began in 2006.  The implementation is a cooperation effort between the MPCA, Todd and Douglas Counties, Todd and Douglas SWCDs, the Local Water Management Coordinators in each County, and a developing partnership with municipalities, industry and private landowners. 

These funds have been used to: install best management practices, monitor the Long Prairie River and tributaries and for the assessment of water samples collected.  Funding is still available: contact Todd SWCD if you have questions or a project you would like to complete.  


Clean Water Legacy Funding

 Swan River Watershed

BWSR Clean Water Fund Competitive Grants 2011-2012

In an effort to reduce excess sediments and pollutants from entering surface waters we will be implementing best management practices on lakeshore properties and feedlots within the watershed. 

Planned projects include: Shoreland stabilization and restoration, river and lake bank stabilization, storm water controls, native plantings, non-point run-off controls and livestock waste management projects.  Work on these projects will begin in the Spring of 2011 and will be completed by Winter 2012. 

The overall goal of this project is to improve water quality within the watershed and continue to keep the Swan River de-listed from the MPCA’s Impaired Waters List.  Success of this project will be measured by load reduction calculations and any subsequent water quality data that is collected by the lake associations. 

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Todd County Feedlot Assistance

BWSR Clean Water Fund Competitve Grants 2012-2014

Projects were ranked on a state-wide basis to determine their priority level.  Three projects in Todd County were selected, one filterstip project and two ag waste filterstip combination projects.  The environmental benefits of these projects are the properly collected animal waste and land applying it at agronomic rates reduces nutrient run-off from fields to surface waters.

Todd County Livestock Management BWSR Clean Water Fund Competive Grant 2013-2015

Projects were ranked on a state-wide basis to determine their prioity level. Three feedlot projects in Todd County were selected. These funds will be used for the construction, materials and labor for projects in Todd County.  Projects will be designed by the WCTSA Engineering staff and will follow project standards and materials set by NRCS in their eFOTG.  Todd SWCD or WCTSA staff will be onsite during construction. 




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