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About Us

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Mission Statement:

Conservation, Protection, and Enhancement of Todd County's Natural Resources. (updated 1.11.2018)

Who Are We?

Soil and Water Conservation Districts are political subdivisions of the state of Minnesota established to carry out a program for the conservation and development of soil, water, and related resources.

The Todd Soil and Water Program was organized on March 29th, 1965 by the Todd County Commissioners and was certified by the Secretary of State on April 12th, 1965.  Leadership and governance is provided by the board of five locally elected Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors.  The role of the elected District Supervisor is to develop policy, long range plans, and budgets.

What is the Function of a Conservation District?

To take available technical, financial, and educational resources, whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local land user for conservation of soil, water, and related resources.

Soil  & Water Board of Supervisors

 Left to Right: Tom Williamson, Dale Katterhagen, Kenny Pesta, Norman Krause and Leland Buchholz 

Norman Krause—Area I--Staples, Fawn Lake, Germania, Villard, Moran, Turtle Creek
Kenneth Pesta—Area II--Bartlett, Bertha, Burleene, Stowe Prairie, Wykeham, Eagle Valley
Dale Katterhagen—Area III--Ward, Iona, Little Elk, Long Prairie, Hartford
Leland Buchholz—Area IV--Bruce, Birchdale, Grey Eagle, Round Prairie, Burnhamville
Thomas Williamson—Area V --Leslie, Gordon, Kandota, Reynolds, Little Sauk, West Union




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