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Brief History of the  Todd County Sheriff’s Office

The first Sheriff of Todd County took Office in January of 1887.  At that time, the Sheriff was probably the only Law Enforcement Officer in the County and usually requested assistance from citizens if the need arose.   The Sheriff and his family were responsible for feeding and caring for prisoners.  The first Jail in Todd County was built in 1900 during the term of J. G. Hermes.  That facility was used until 1985 when the current facility opened. In the initial construction of the current facility, it was designed to hold 24 inmates.   In 1996, the building was added onto and the Court facility and other County Offices were placed on the second floor.  During that construction, the inmate holding capacity was increased to 34.   In 2004, the Department of Corrections allowed the Sheriff's Office to increase the capacity to 44.  Then again in 2007, another construction project increased the capacity of the jail to 52 inmates.


Sheriffs of Todd County
1867H.H. Scott1923John B. Burns
1868 E.S. Foucher 1927S. H. Adams
1872 Louis Henry1947Ralph Kamphenkel
Resigned in 1950
1873   M. Dinkel1950J. H. Walter
1878  C. Chase 1951Warren Galvin
Died in 1955
1883   J. F. Bassett1955Jim Bain
1887G. W. Maynard 1971Kenneth Gothman
1899 J. G. Hermes1987David Asmus
1903 Chas Hamilton1995David Kircher
1909Anton Johnson2007-
Pete Mikkelson


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