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Contact Information

Todd County Sheriff’s Office
115 3rd St. S.
Long Prairie, MN   56347

Emergency Phone: 911

General Contact Number: 320-732-2157

Toll Free General 800-794-5733


Reports and complaints that are sent via e mail may not be checked on a daily basis.  If you need immediate response, please contact the Sheriff’s Office by phone.

Dispatch Information

When to Contact 911

If you have an emergency that requires immediate assistance from Law Enforcement, an Ambulance Service, or a Fire Department, you should dial 911.

The Dispatcher will advise you that you have reached 911 and will ask you what your Emergency is.

It is extremely important to stay calm.   The Dispatcher will ask you numerous questions.  He/she will verify what your emergency is, your location, and your identity.  If it is safe for you to do so, please stay on the line to provide any additional information that the Dispatcher requests from you.  The Dispatcher will then notify the Emergency Personnel that are necessary to respond to your emergency.

911 can be dialed from a cell phone.  If you are calling from a cell phone, it is extremely important that you can give adequate directions to your location.  911 can also be dialed from a pay phone and it is not necessary to deposit money into the phone.  911 can also be dialed from a cell phone that has had its service discontinued. 

If you dial 911 in error, please stay on the line and advise the Dispatcher of your error.  If you disconnect, the Dispatcher will return a call to you to see if you have an emergency. 

Please monitor your phones to make sure that young children are not playing with them.  If you have an old cell phone that children play with, please remove the battery from the phone.  The Dispatchers frequently receive 911 hang up calls.  Upon call back, the Dispatchers learn that children are playing with the phones on a large number of these calls.                   

Citizens Against Drugs / Zero Alcohol Provider  -  Toll Free Number (800) 731-1847

To report suspected drug activity or gatherings where you suspect that underage alcohol consumption is occurring, please contact the Citizens Against Drugs / Zero Alcohol Provider Tip Line at (800) 731-1847.  Your call will be anonymous and you do not have to leave any contact information.  If you would like to leave your name and number, that is your option.


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