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Health and Human Services


Mission Statement: People working with people through life's challenges to enhance our Communities' strengths, safety and well-being. People cannot and do not want to live unrelated to other people....We are responsible to and for one another, and this responsibility is the ultimate claim imposed on all men alike.

Todd County Health & Human Services Civil Rights Plan

The Minnesota Department of Health is conducting a maternal & child health needs assessment!
The Todd County Council on Aging (TCCA) has a mission of building a healthy community.  We have joined with the Todd County Housing and Redevelopment (HRA) to complete an “Affordable Housing study for Senior Housing.  It is our mission to obtain information which would help developers to create affordable housing for seniors.   By helping to provide information supporting the building and senio
Coach Purse or Cash BINGOSUNDAY, APRIL 8 at the Clarissa Ballroom 19281 Kotter Road - Clarissa Limited Seating - 400 for this Event Bingo Card Sales begin at Noon. Bingo begins at 1 PM Rules will be shared the day of the event.TACO IN A BAGServing starts at Noon - $6Watch Facebook, local newspapers, KEYL, KWAD Radio. Proceeds for this event will fund TCCA for senior services. Hilltop Regional Kitchen and Hospice.Sponsored by the Todd County Council on Aging (TCCA) & Thrivent Financial Services


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