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Child Foster Care Licensing

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Todd County Health and Human Services performs licensing duties on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Human Services for family child care, child foster care and adult foster care services.  Applicants must complete the required elements of the licensing process and meet the minimum standards of care and physical environment.  These standards are enforced to protect the health, safety and rights of persons receiving these services.

Foster Family requirements:

  • Live in Todd County
  • Be at least 21 years old, financially stable and responsible adults
  • Complete the application and homestudy process
  • Provide Todd County with three references
  • Complete the Adam Walsh background study on all household members  age 13 and older
  • Live in a home that meets fire and safety code
  • Have appropriate sleeping space
  • Attend 12 hours of ongoing training each year

Foster Parents are not Alone

  • Todd County provides a stipend to foster parents, paying a standardized rate monthly for room and board. This rate is meant to cover the child's personal needs and clothing.
  • Medical and dental costs are covered by Medical Assistance or other medical insurance, not the foster family.
  • Each child has a placement social worker who arranges the placement, assists with problems and finds resources to meet the child's needs.

Click here to start the licensing process

For more information regarding child foster care licensing in Todd County, please call Todd County Health and Human Services at 320-732-4500.

 Child Foster Care Information from the Minnesota Department of Human Services:

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