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Child Care Licensing


Todd County Health and Human Services performs licensing duties on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Human Services for family child care, child foster care and adult foster care services.  Applicants must complete the required elements of the licensing process and meet the minimum standards of care and physical environment.  These standards are enforced to protect the health, safety and rights of persons receiving these services. If you wish to apply for adult foster care please contact Todd County Health and Human Services at 320-732-4500. 

Child Care Licensing

Family child care governs licensure of providers of child care in a setting other than a child care center, usually the provider’s residence, for fewer than 24 hours per day.

Family child care is licensed under DHS Rule 2 (Licensing of Family Child Care Facilities). The rule addresses, among other requirements: licensing of homes for family child care and group family child care, licensing process, negative licensing actions, agency records, caregiver qualifications, licensed capacity, child/adult ratios, age distribution requirements, age distribution restrictions, reporting agency, day care training, behavior guidance, admissions, provider records, reporting, activities and equipment, physical environment, sanitation and health, water, food and nutrition.

Licensing Process:

Please contact Todd County for an informational letter for regarding child care licensing at 320-732-4500. 

Initial Application Forms
Family Systems Application
Notice of Privacy Practices for Child Care Providers
Background Study Form
Physician Form
Floor and Escape Plan
Mandated Reporter Notification to Parents
Heating System Inspection

Relicensing Forms
Family Systems Application
Notice of Privacy Practices for Child Care Providers
Family Child Care Licensing Checklist
Background Study Form
Heating System Inspection

Additional Licensing Forms
Admission and Arrangements Form
Monthly Crib Inspection Form
Variance Request - Please call for this information
Fire and Storm Drill Form
Immunization Form
Mandated Reporter Notification to Parents
Family and Group Family Day Care Rule Summary For Parents
Parental Consent for Swaddling an Infant

Additional Information and Resources
Weather Chart for Providers
U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission

"Keeping Kids Safe: Your Home Child Care Emergency Plan" from the MN Department of Human Services (Acrobat PDF document; opens in new window)
Adults & Childrens Alliance:
Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association:
Minnesota Child Care
Child Care Aware
Midwest Child Care Services
Redleaf Press

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