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Child Care Assistance


Affordable child care is important to Todd County families. It aids children’s healthy development and gives parents peace of mind. Parents who have low incomes may get help paying for it through the Child Care Assistance Programs (CCAP).

Child Care Assistance Program

It is important to know that your child is well cared for while you are at work or going to school. Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Programs (CCAP) can help make quality child care affordable for eligible families. There are options for families receiving public assistance through the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) or the Diversionary Work Program (DWP) and other income-eligible families. 

Child Care Assistance Application Forms

MN Child Care Assistance Program Application
Consent For The Release Of Information
Cooperation w/ Child Support Enforcement 
Referral to Support and Collections and Understanding Child Support, a Handbook for Parents
Authorization for Release of Employment Information
Child Care Assistance Program Student Income and Expense Form

Below documents are required information for you to review.

Client Responsibilities and Rights
Health and Safety Resource List
Child Care Assistance Program Guidelines
Child Care Provider Information
Income Verification Requested
Self-employment Income Requirements
Notice of Privacy Practices
Do you have a disability?
Safe Sleep for Your Baby
Do You Need Help Paying for Child Care?

Forms Needed if Changes Occur (Changes Must be reported within 10 days)

Authorization for Release of Employment Information
Child Care Assistance - Change Report Form

Licensed Child Care Providers
Search for Licensed Child Care providers

Job Search -Please call for more information.


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