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Chore Services


Todd County Health & Human Services offers limited financial assistance for residents who need help paying for some types of chore services. The purpose of this program is to help residents maintain independent living in their own home either long-term or on a temporary basis. Health & Human Services will review each request on an individual basis. Eligibility will be based on need and income. Health & Human Services reserves the right to set reimbursement limits.

The Chore Service Program is a reimbursement program. The chore service client is sent forms that providers must sign after they have done the work AND THE CLIENT HAS PAID THEM. A completed claim form must have the following completed: signature of worker (provider), date service was provided, service description (if not already filled in), amount of time worked, rate (if not already filled in), and the amount the client paid the provider. The client then submits the claim form(s) for payment. More than one date of service may be submitted on one claim form and/or more than one provider. Claims received in our office by the tenth of the month should be paid the third Tuesday of that month.

Chore Services Application Form
Chore Services Recertification Form

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