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Election Information

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Online Voter Registration ApplicationOnline Voter Registration Application


Military and Oversees Online Absentee Ballot ApplicationMilitary and Oversees Online Absentee Ballot Application
        Voter Registration Application Form Online Absentee Ballot Application
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2016 General Election Results             

  • Search Statewide for Election Results including federal, state, county, city, township, school district, & hospital district offices
  • All results on the links above are Unofficial Results until canvassed.

Candidate Filing Information

  • Search Filings Statewide for the 2016 State General Election cycle
  • Note:  This database will be subject to changes/updates until approximately 9-1-2016.
  • Official certifications should also be verified with the municipality or school district where the offices are located.

Voter Registration Lookup

  • Search the status of your voter registration in the statewide voter registration system

Polling Place Finder

  • Search by your address to find your polling place information

Absentee Ballot Lookup

  • Search the status of your absentee ballot request

"What's on My Ballot?"

  • Enter your address and see a sample image of the ballot in your precinct

UOCAVA Voter Assistance

  • Assists UOCAVA voters with the absentee ballot process
  • For persons of the Uniformed Services on active duty (or their dependents)
  • For persons that are Temporarily or Permanently Overseas

County Election Office Finder

  • Locate contact information for other Minnesota County Election offices 

Public Information List Requests

  • Requests list of public information for campaign purposes directly from OSS

Questions? Please contact us at: or call 320-732-4414

Campaign Financial Reports - Public Disclosure

Barbara Becker  11/14/2016
Rodney Erickson  11/14/2016
Delvin Durheim    10/21/2016   10/28/2016  11/15/2016
Randy Neumann  10/21/2016   10/27/2016  11/10/2016
Kenneth Pesta  11/14/2016
Wayne Wendel  11/30/2016
Leland Buchholz  11/14/2016
Denise Gaida
Chuck Rasmussen
Cheryl Perish
Don Asmus
Jon Barber
Kevin Langer
Lonnie Marcyes
Steve Och
Kevin Boyer
Gary Kneisl
David Kircher
Robert Heinrich
Norman Krause
Dale Katterhagen
Tom Williamson
Barbara Becker
Kevin Crider


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