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America Observes Probation, Parole & Community Supervision Week


July 17 – 23 is Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week.  Todd-Wadena Community Corrections currently supervises 663 people on probation or supervised release and 82 youth on juvenile diversion. This is a time for the nation and our communities to recognize the men and women who work each and every day to supervise offenders in our communities.  It is the dedicated professionals of Probation and Parole who are making a difference and ensuring public safety by taking that extra step to assist someone on supervision with needed treatment, job training or housing.  Please join Todd-Wadena Community Corrections in honoring these public servants during the week of July 17 – 23 for Probation, Parole and Community Supervision Week.  For additional information about the services and programming provided by Todd-Wadena Community Corrections, please contact Kathy Langer, Director, at 320-732-6165,

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