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Strategy Aligned Management



The Vision of Todd County

The Community of Todd County offers a high quality of life for all.

The Mission of Todd County

Enhancing our County Community by delivering exceptional outcomes and outstanding service.

Strategic and Efficient Government

Todd County will constantly strive to meet objectives and goals, and to do it in a transparent, and exceedingly efficient manner.

Environmental Resources

Todd County values the protection of our abundant natural resources that have been here for generations and should be available for all future generations. We believe that people come to Todd County and live in Todd County in part because of the diversity, beauty and availability of our resources.  Management practices that emphasize education and balanced use of enforcement will be used to demonstrate commitment to enhancing and creating opportunities to utilize natural resources for the purposes of prosperity and enjoyment.

Community Engagement

Todd County values community involvement, we promote collaboration and cooperative partnerships among individuals, communities, organizations and businesses within the County, region and State.  We will foster cooperative partnerships by sharing resources, effectively communicating and strengthening relationships.  We support community efforts to maintain individual community identity but encourage and work toward a strong sense of County Community.  We believe that we will all succeed together, and should celebrate successes throughout the County Community.

Community Growth

Todd County values and commits to providing a foundation for entrepreneurial opportunities and job creation.  Our economic development is dependent on community commitment and involvement. We want our communities to be social, cultural and economic hubs.  We will focus on long term strategies and stable growth by supporting life-long education, development of technology resources, providing excellent  infrastructure, utilizing existing opportunities and creating new ones.






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