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Todd County Facts Quiz


This quiz was submitted by one of our citizen volunteer participants.  Test your knowledge of Todd County!
(**Or read the answers to learn about what you don't already know!)

1. Who is Todd County named for?
2. When was Todd County born / chartered?
3. Who was Todd County's first european settler?
4. How many incorporated communities are there in the county?
5. How many Townships are there in Todd County?
6. Which Todd County Community had an opera house that seated 750 people?
7. Name three Todd County post offices that are no longer in operation?
8. Approx. how many square miles are there in Todd County?
9. How many acres in the county?
10. Approx. how many lakes are there in Todd County?
11. How many public boat accesses are there in Todd County?
12. Name three rivers in Todd County?
13. Where is the highest point in Todd County?
14. Where is the lowest point in Todd County?
15. What is the average rainfall in the county?
16. What is the lowest recorded temperature and when did it occur?
17. What are the two Federal Highways running through Todd County?

Click here for the answers!

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