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Fact Quiz Answers

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Question #1:

The answer is: Captain John Baines Smith Todd, a first cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of President Abraham Lincoln.  Todd County was named in his honor.

Question #2: 

The answer is:Todd County was officially organized on January 1, 1867.

Question #3: 

The answer is: A.D.Bower - settled in the Little Sauk area.

Question #4: 

The answer is eleven. The Cities are:Staples, Hewitt, Bertha, Eagle Bend, Clarissa, Browerville, Long , Prairie - the County Seat, Osakis, West Union, Burtrum, Grey Eagle
Question #5:

Question #6:

The answer is:The City of Staples.

Question #7:

The answer is:  There were many post offices that once served the Todd County residents that are no longer in operation. Here are some of them: 

Daylight - Little Sauk Twp.
Bearhead - Bruce Twp.
Batavia - Turtle Creek Twp.
Drywood - Burleene Twp.
Burnhamville/Pillsbury - Burnhamville Twp.
Oak Hill - Gordon Twp.
Clotho - Burleene Twp.
Hartford - Hartford Twp.
Birchdale - Birchdale Twp.
West Union - West Union Twp.
Question #8:

The answer is:There are approx. 980 square miles in Todd County.
Question #9:

The answer is:There are approx. 627,200 acres in Todd County.
Question #10:

The answer is:There are 303 protected water bodies in the DNR's Protected Waters Inventory for Todd County.

Question #11:

The answer is:47
Question #12:

The answer is:Swan River, Wing River, Partridge River, Long Prairie River, Sauk River, Crow Wing River
Question #13:

The answer is:The answer submitted by our fact quiz author is - Tower Love Hill at 1498 feet above sea level.
Question #14:

The answer is:The Swan River as it exits Todd County at approx. 1159 feet above sea level.
Question #15:

The answer is:24 inches
Question #16:

The answer is:-42 degrees F. on February 1, 1951

Question #17:

The answer is: U.S.71 and U.S.10


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